Bed Bugs Control Maroochydore

We Are A Team Of Certified Bed Bug Exterminators In Maroochydore 

We provide bed bug treatment with a proper thorough examination and careful planning. Moreover, our bed bugs control Maroochydore experts use active chemicals and non-chemical treatments which are safe for your family but effectively kill all bed bugs. Also, our bed bug exterminator aims to exterminate bed bugs to stop their lifecycle and prevent future infestations. Moreover, there are multiple reasons to hire our bed bug pest control experts to completely remove bed bugs from your home. Here are the top reasons to choose us for bed bug extermination in Maroochydore.

  • We have highly experienced and certified exterminators 
  • Our exterminators produce quality results in the first sitting of the treatment itself 
  • We provide affordable services 
  • Our experts offer emergency same day services 
  • We have state of the art equipment and technology 
  • Our services are transparent with no extra charge 

How To Know If You Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

It can be pretty challenging to identify a bed bug infestation as it is quite hard to spot bed bugs. Moreover, they hide during the daytime and are active at night. But, here are some major signs of bed bug infestation that you should not ignore. 

  • You see bloodstains on your clothes, bed sheet and pillowcase. 
  • A strong odour is noticeable 
  • Spotting eggshells and shredded skin
  • You have a lack of sleep 
  • Swelling on your body 
  • Bite marks on your body that causes itchiness 
  • Faeces on your sheets, carpet and upholstery 

Areas To Inspect For Bed Bugs 

If you think you are having bed bugs but are confused about where to look for them? Well, our experienced experts know exactly where to look for them and they share their tips with you. Here are the areas, where we look for bed bugs:

  • Mattress seams and folds
  • Cracks and base of bed frames 
  • Headboards and skirting boards
  • Carpets 
  • Cabinets 
  • Wardrobes 
  • Drawer and cupboards.

Our Full Bed Bug Eliminating Procedure In Maroochydore 

Our Bed bugs control Maroochydore experts ensure to give the perfect remedy to get rid of bed bugs. Moreover, our highly skilled and experienced experts ensure your peace of mind by exterminating bed bugs and putting a stop to their life cycle. Here are our full procedure on how we carry out our extermination.

  • Inspection

After you book our services, our bug exterminator reaches your property and carries out a proper bed bug inspection. Furthermore, the inspection helps in finding out the hotspots of the infestation. Secondly, our bug exterminator examines all the upholstery and other items at home to properly understand the extent of the infestation. Additionally, after the inspection, proper treatment is finalized.

  • Chemical Service

We use safe and toxic-free insecticides. Moreover, our experts carefully apply them to the hot spots on your property. Secondly, according to the findings of the inspection, our experts follow perfectly strategized treatments. These treatments include chemical treatment and heat treatment. Additionally, the heat treatment works wonders as the heat goes deep inside the infested material and kills the bed bugs. Also, the high heat kills the eggs, larvae and adult bed bugs. 

  • Non-Chemical Treatment Service: Heat Treatment

After a detailed inspection, our experts carry out the non-chemical treatment when necessary. This includes cleaning bedding, curtains and upholstery by vacuuming. Moreover, these non-chemical treatments ensure your safety at all times. After this, a final inspection is performed to ensure every hot spot got the required treatment done.

  • Follow up 

After the treatment has been done, our exterminators ensure a follow-up. Moreover, these follow-ups help in understanding how well the procedure worked and how the results are. Furthermore, if there is another round of pest services required, we understand that through follow-ups and provide the most effective bed bug treatment. 

  • Prevention tips

Our bed bug control Maroochydore exterminators suggest effective ways to keep the bed bugs away like vacuuming. Also, washing the linen and all the clothing in a high-temperature setting is useful. Moreover, keep your carpets clean and even your mattress as bed bugs hide on them. Also, reduce the clutter around your property.

Why Bed Bug Treatment is A Must In End Of Lease Pest Control?

Trying to move out? Need a stronger claim on your bond money? Do you think you should book an end-of-lease pest control service? We provide affordable end-of-the-lease services. And why do you need them? It is because Bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of as they hide in carpets, mattresses and other dark places. Therefore, it can get in the way of getting your bond money back. Moreover, they bleed on blood and are capable of spreading various skin infections and your apartment owner won’t like them. Secondly, bed bugs bite, cause itchiness, and redness and make the skin bumpy. Moreover, this causes severe allergic reactions in some humans. 

Our experts highly suggest control of bedbugs before any severe infestation at a very pocket-friendly price, which ensures your guarantee of getting the bond back. 

Moreover, doing some D.I.Y isn’t going to help in any way. Therefore, hiring a professional bed bug exterminator will ensure you get your bond back completely. Moreover, it also helps to stop their life cycle once and for all. 


What are the health risks of bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites cause various kinds of allergic reactions. Moreover, the allergic reaction can be severe or mild depending on the person and may need medical attention. 

How do bed bugs infest the home?

Someone who travels a lot and also has pets like dogs and cats at home is most likely to get their home infested by bed bugs. Moreover, bed bugs can easily jump onto the host (pets and humans) and travel to your home. 

Why is controlling bed bugs so hard?

Bed bugs are transient pests. Moreover, they are having a long life cycle where they can stay without food for at least up to 100 days. Therefore, this makes it easy to hide as well. Therefore, D.I.Ys doesn’t work and to control bed bugs, a professional exterminator is needed.