Moth Control Maroochydore

Get The Best Inspection And Treatment Done For Moth Infestation In Maroochydore 

We help keep moths at bay by using proper moth control methods. Moreover, our moth control Maroochydore team ensures the use of proper industry-level equipment to exterminate moths all at once. Also, with the proper inspection, we get to every corner of the house and eliminate the adult and their larvae and eggs. Furthermore, the moth pest control cost is extremely affordable. Therefore, if you need moth control in the house then we are your guys! Book our moth control extermination services by dialling 07 2000 4287 today! 

Early Signs Of Pantry Moth And Cloth Moth Infestation 

Moth infestation signs aren’t noticeable until it’s too late. Moreover, their larvae eat the fabrics and cause damage. Secondly, it comes into notice much too late. Additionally, there are only a few species of moths that can be found in the home, like pantry and cloth moths. But here are some basic signs to keep in mind for pantry and cloth moth infestation 

  • Finding small caterpillars or moths in the pantry itself. 
  • Visible web and sticky secretions.
  • Unpleasant odour.
  • Holes in your clothing.
  • Flying moths. 
  • Finding silky furrows or tunnels in wool clothing.
  • Crust spots on clothing, carpets or rugs.
  • Spotting destroyed leather upholstery and clothing, which brown moths commonly cause 
  • Finding silky cocoons 
  • Spotting crawling moths.

Are Moths Harmful To Humans? 

Moths are related to butterflies but moths are smaller and not so colourful! Moreover, the most common moths found in Australia are pantry and clothes moths. Furthermore, some of them are harmful as they are capable of causing lepidopterism, which is a skin condition. Also, some moths can cause allergic reactions and cause itchiness and pain. 

Moth droppings easily result in an illness if the food is consumed. Secondly, some species of moths can cause poisoning if they are consumed by pets or humans.  Furthermore, some species of moths such as the brown house moth eat food like seeds, cereals and bread causing food contamination. Additionally, they contaminate the food and cause various types of diseases. Moreover, moths can attack woollen blankets and the caterpillars can trigger asthma attacks in some people. Also, they live on woollen clothing and by wearing the same clothing you can get skin allergies. So, for pantry moth’s extermination, call our experts today!

Three Steps for Moth Control We Follow In Maroochydore 

Moth control Maroochydore experts provide effective methods to exterminate moths for you! Moreover, our safe and effective services help remove all kinds of moths! To manage moth infestation, we follow a strategic procedure, which is as follows 

  1. Moth Inspection

For eliminating moths we do a proper inspection of the house and find all kinds of hidden nesting hot spots. Moreover, this helps in identifying the pest species which helps us build a proper strategic approach to eliminate them all. Also, this helps in finding out the severity of the infestation. 

  1. Specific Chemical Treatment

For moth caterpillar control, we perform chemical treatments. Moreover, these treatments include spraying pesticides onto the effective area. Additionally, the spraying has amazing knockdown effects which deal with a moth infestation in one go! Furthermore, we also have gas canisters for fumigation to deal with extremely severe infestations. Secondly, this destroys their eggs and larvae as well! All these treatments are effective for winter moths, pantry moths, clothing moths and also for cabbage moth control

  1. Moth Prevention Advice

Moths infest your pantry, closet, and carpets and cause food contamination as well.  Our pest control carpets moths exterminators advise brushing the entire carpet and vacuuming thoroughly. Moreover, for clothing, you should wash it properly and air dry it in the sun. Also, cedarwood oil is effective moth repellent which you can easily apply in your closet and any dark storage places. 

Why Hiring Our Company experts To Eliminate Moth Is The Best Choice?

  • Certified moth control solutions

Our moth exterminators are highly trained and also certified to perform effective chemical treatments as well as non-chemical treatments to control moths at your house. 

  • Qualified local experts in the field

Our local moth control Maroochydore team are qualified and uses proper industry level equipment. Moreover, with years of experience, our experts give valuable advice and tips to control moth infestation. 

  • Short-notice appointments availability

If you are in a hurry and haven’t got much time to deal with moth infestation, then we provide same day moth extermination services! Moreover, we provide winter moth control extermination as well. So, you can easily book our emergency services 24×7 by dialling the toll-free number.

  • Savings up to $40

Our moth extermination cost is extremely affordable for every single resident in Maroochydore. Moreover, you can easily book our same-day emergency services and end of lease month control services at a very pocket-friendly price! 

  • Options for follow-up treatments, upon request

You can easily call our experts for follow-ups after the treatment has been performed to ensure no moths are left behind. Moreover, our experts are happy to show up when requested! 

  • Local Team In Maroochydore 

Our local team of experts specialize in moth extermination and provides a full proven moth control method! Also, our experts ensure there are no problems faced by the clients during the whole control treatment. Also, our local team provide effective results in the first round itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do moths only infest food?

Moths not only contaminate your food but also can damage your clothing and carpets as well. Moreover, other woollen clothing and upholstery are damaged by moths as well. 

Do you deal with all kinds of moth species in Maroochydore?

They are two common moths found in Maroochydore, that is pantry and clothing moths. We deal with both of them. Also, we take care of all other kinds of moths in Maroochydore if present as well. 

Where are moths hiding?

Moths usually hide in dark places such as basements,  attics and closets. Moreover, they hide in food containers and contaminate the food. Also, they are found between the folds of fabrics and upholstery as well.