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We employ experts that have the right knowledge and skills in the flea control field. Also, all of our flea control Maroochydore experts are passionate about the endeavours and anticipate meeting every need of our clients. We consider clients’ satisfaction and their health as the topmost priority. Therefore, we specialise in all types of flea pest control and eradication that harm your home and environment. All of the flea treatments for home we do are done by licensed experts that are strictly in compliance with safety regulations. Hence, to hire our flea exterminator, give us a call on 07 2000 4287.

  • A company dedicated to being on-trend in all that we perform
  • Every flea treatments for kittens and other pets we do are of the best quality
  • Teams strive to work with all the tools we have in maintaining togetherness
  • Being local experts, we are quick to navigate your place on the Maroochydore map
  • The efficient use of green and safe solutions profits your health.

Look How To Identify And Differentiate Fleas Apart 

No idea if the pests flying around you are fleas or flies? Then we can help you identify and distinguish them apart. As we understand your dilemma, we have listed out all the things to identify fleas. 

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite
  • A red and swollen lump develops within short 30 minutes of the bite
  • Development of a small wound or blister after a day or so of the bite
  • Scratching and itching are common
  • People with hypersensitive skin are prone to allergies. 

Physical Appearance Of A Flea

  • Length of about 2 to 8 mm
  • Wingless and oval-shaped body
  • Colour of light to deep brown
  • Six legs with a disproportionately small head 
  • Large hind legs enable fleas to jump long distances.

Other Facts 

  • Without eating, fleas can go for a long very long time
  • Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs in one day 
  • They have Olympic-caliber kind of jumping skills
  • Fleas infestations make animals sick and transmit diseases to humans. 

Cat Flea

  • They are the most common domestic fleas
  • Also found on mongoose, possum, fox and occasionally on rats
  • After a blood meal, lays 4 to 8 eggs
  • Adult cat fleas seek blood emerging from their cocoon.

Dog Flea

  • Lives as an ectoparasite on different types of mammals
  • Closely resembles cat flea species
  • These have adapted mouthparts used for piercing and sicko blood 
  • If dog fleas bite humans, rashes develop in the fold of joints and armpits.

Human Flea

  • Vicinity of human bite results in scratching and discomfort
  • Found even on canids, possums, black rats, chickens and pigs despite being called human fleas
  • Common human flea treatment for human flea bites is combing, use of medicated shampoos and body shaving
  • Often lay their eggs on the body of the host. 

Things You Have To Take Note Of If Your Place Has Fleas 

Many searches for fleas control near me when fleas invade their privacy. Some others search for flea control Maroochydore tips and DIYs. But did you ever wonder what measures to be taken if the fleas enter your place? If yes, then we can help you tell all those measures that avoid fleas coming near you.  

  • To the avoidance of flea bites, one can use lotions and ointments
  • Every week cleanse the dogs and cats with anti-powders and shampoos
  • Make sure your pet is protected with an anti-flea collar
  • Use over-the-counter anti-itching creams and antihistamine pills
  • Do not forget to apply topical balms.

The Way We Treat Fleas And Their Infestations

The best approach for flea pest control at homes in Maroochydore is to treat fleas with both physical and chemical control methods. As the situation requires inspection of the infested area, we do it. 

  • Thorough Inspection

During flea pest control, our management in Maroochydore makes you rest easy as we know all the things we need to know about fleas. To do a thorough inspection of an area for fleas, we look for all the signs and their habitats. Also, we check for cat, dog, human, rabbit and carpet fleas during this step. Because we do not want fleas to re-enter your homes. 

  • Physical Control And Removal

Fleas prefer to live in moist and warm areas that are protected from heavy rains or direct sunlight. So, what we do as a flea treatment here is, reduce the habitats using necessary measures. One such measure can be “spraying for fleas”. Moreover, as a part of habitat modification, we seal away all the entry points of fleas into your places. 

  • Chemical Treatments

There can still be some fleas even after habitat modifications. Hence, we tailor a flea treatment plan for such fleas. In fact, by using chemical flea control methods, we do full-range flea control. The chemical flea products we use are aerosols, flea growth regulators and many more. All these chemicals are used for different purposes though, like spot-on treatment, sprays, dust, etc. 

Ready To Offer Same-Day Flea Control Service Anywhere In Maroochydore 

We understand that you need same-day flea treatment for house in Maroochydore and promptly respond. Next, to make our clients satisfied with the results, we make a well thought total care flea control as an effective and same-day treatment plan. Our flea control Maroochydore experts of highly skilled and local professional team will ensure total satisfaction of service you are looking for. Moreover, we also ensure all the needs you have for same-day flea treatment whilst also delivering you on-time service, every day. In fact, if necessary, we tailor a flea treatment for home on the very same day of inspection. So, do call us for help! 


As I’m in an emergency, is it okay to book a flea control Maroochydore service on Sunday?

Yes, absolutely. You can book a slot with us for flea control Maroochydore service any time and any day of the week. 

What methods do experts follow to instantly kill fleas and their colonies?

To get rid of both fleas and their colonies, flea exterminator follows the below methods: 
Spraying for fleas
Flea fumigation 
Use of Capstar, boric acid and natural repellents.

What are a few preventive tips to control fleas?

A few tips to prevent fleas from entering your home are: 
Use Ultra Low Volume(ULV) misting
Use safe insecticides from stores nearby
Wash pets with flea shampoo
Cover up aquariums and pet dishes, etc.